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Onward – Photobiography of African-American Explorer Matthew Henson

Jason’s Review: Matthew Henson was born on August 8, 1866, in Charles County, Maryland. When Matthew was seven years old, his mother died. His father remarried. Six years later his father got killed in a farming accident, leaving Matthew all on his own.

Now let’s stop right there. He’s only 13 years old. He lost his mother AND father. He must have felt horrible. Think about it. Stick yourself in his shoes. I would feel horrible and miserable without my mom and dad.


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Freedom Riders – Story of the Civil Rights Movement

Jason’s Review: Freedom Riders is a nonfiction book written by Ann Bausum with Forewords written by two of the Freedom Riders, John Lewis and Jim Zwerg. John Lewis is currently a congressman for the state of Georgia.

After reading this book, I was left with so many feelings for the Blacks. (Negros) They had their reasons, and they didn’t believe violence would help. They wanted their equal rights and they non-violently fought for them.

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