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April 1, 2009 at 4:14 am

My all time favorite Golden Book is “Pokey Little Puppy”. Who can’t relate to five little puppies escaping from their backyard and exploring the world outside their fence.

In February, I got to listen to Diane Muldrow, Editorial Director for Golden Books, on what she’s looking for in a manuscript.

Diane stated that Golden Books is a good place for rookie writers. In fact, she has published three writers that are members of SCBWI. Lately, she’s been busy searching the archives of Golden Books and bringing back some of the older books and modernizing them to fit in today’s world. So she is looking for books that have time-less quality appeal that can stay in the line a long time.

Other things she looks for in a manuscript are:
Is it perfect for reading aloud?
Does it have too much text?
Is the story lively and convey wonder of everyday experiences new to a child?
Does it have a twist that makes the plot special? Like a riddle, game, or joke that only the child is on.
Will it backlist well?

Diane is also a published author. She wrote two adorable lift-the-flap books. “Mama, Where Are You”, is a funny story of baby animals looking for their mommy. When the child opens the flap, he/she realizes mommy has been there the whole time looking out for her babies. It’s a perfect example of a child being in on the joke the whole time.

Her other book, “Mama, What’s In There”, is about curious animals wondering what’s growing in mommy’s belly – a story every child can relate to.

Diane gave a great presentation on the history of Golden Books. She’s bright, personable, and very funny. If you want a good book to read, try “Golden Legacy.” It’s a book about the history of Golden Books and picture books.


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