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My 10-year-old son is studying similes using a story called “Saving Sweetness” in school. He had to write what the author is really trying to say in the story. I thought I’d share some of his answers with you.

Simile: “But Coyote Pete is as mean as a rattlesnake”
Answer: Coyote Pete is mean.

Simile: “It was hot as blazes”
Answer: It was hot!

Then he had to make up his own simile using a sentence. Here’s his answers:

The little boy was excited.
“The little boy was as excited as a girl getting something really cool.”

It was freezing cold.
“It was as cold as Pluto.”

The teacher was so sweet.
“Ms. Pozsywak is as sweet as a hershy kiss.” (Ms. Pozsywak was his student teacher for 6 weeks).

Made me think how powerful a well written simile can be in a non-fiction story.


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